New Invention
14M and 16M Director (
14M and 16M Director ("Shooting Stars")
These were Conn's intermediate-class horns.
26M and 30M Connqueror
26M and 30M Connqueror
Below is a link-list of some offsite galleries and specific 30M links I've found that aren't otherwise categorized. If you've got some offsite info and want to list it here, drop me a line at

s/n 274000 (1937) Lacquer
s/n 292000 (1941) Lacquer
s/n 306000 (1943) Lacquer
s/n Unknown Silver Plate
No s/n (Custom) Silver Plate
Repad Vid (Matt Stohrer)
eBay Ad Demo Vid

28M Connstellation
28M Connstellation
* Smaller pics available on my old website,
* Some information from Ah, younger me. Page was created in 2006.
* 1950 Conn Catalog from
* 1951 Connstellation flyer from
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DJH Modified
DJH Modified
The DJH Modified horns were made by Julius Keilwerth. You can see these HERE.