Starting with the New Wonder series, horns were identified with a number and a letter. In the case of the saxophones, the letter is "M" and there are a lot of numbers:

20M Straight Eb Sopranino (Conn called it an "Eb Soprano")
2M C Soprano
4M Bb Soprano, Curved
18M Bb Soprano, Straight
22M Conn-O-Sax
24M F Mezzo Soprano
6M Eb Alto
8M C Melody Tenor
10M Bb Tenor
12M Eb Baritone
14M Bb Bass
(16V Eb Contrabass Sarrusophone -- Conn's Eb contrabass sax replacement)

An even number was for a LOW pitch (modern intonation; A=440hz) horn. Odd numbers were for HIGH pitch (obsolete intonation standard; A=457hz). "H" or "L" is stamped by the serial number. High pitch saxophones cannot be made to play in tune with modern instruments.

Finishes were referred to by number. Especially note that the 0 was for standard gold-plated finish, the 00 was for the ARTIST'S SPECIAL gold-plated finish with "special" engraving (from about 30 different choices), and the 000 was for the VIRTUOSO DELUXE gold-plated finish with additional pearl key touches and custom, one-of-a-kind, engraving.

The patent number 1119954 and date (Dec. 8, 1914) are for the William S. Haynes patent for drawn toneholes. It's not when your horn was made.

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8M s/n 97782 (1922) Silver
6M s/n 188000 (1926) Nickel
6M s/n 199000 (1928) Gold 0
6M s/n 225000 (1929) Gold 00
6M s/n 238458 (1930) Silver
10M s/n 246000 (1931) Gold
6M s/n 246116 (1931) Gold
6M s/n 238458 (1930) Silver
1931 Warranty Booklet
6M Transitional Saxes
Repairman's Overview Vids
1935 Sax Care Booklet
Tenor Prototype
WWS: 00 and 000 Horns
WWS: Our Finest
1923 16V Silver
ca. 1923 16V Brass
1923 8M Gold Plate Virtuoso + Article
1923 8M Gold Plate Virtuoso
1925 10M Gold Plate
The Conn Microtuner
Sarrusophone Fingering Chart
Restored 16V Video
Another 16V Video
50th Anniv. Sousaphone (Gold 00)
10M Bb Tenors
12M Eb Baritones
14M Bb Basses
16V Eb Contrabass Sarrusophones
18M Straight Bb Sopranos
20M Eb Sopraninos