Horn Details Seller's Blurb
Make Buescher Price/Date $2350 / 2016
Model True Tone Finish Silver
Pitch C Melody Tenor Keyed Range Low Bb to altissimo F
Serial 233675 Bell Keys Split
Year 1927 Tone Holes Drawn; straight
Source Link GetASax.com Octave Key Over


For sale as of May 15, 2016! Go buy it!

For those among you who care about such things, this is a very late C Melody saxophone from Buescher. It is quite unusual to find one this late, and I have never seen one that is any design later than this, so this is de facto the last version of a C Melody made by Buescher. This horn is in basically mint condition with no past repairs and nearly all the original silver and gold wash in the bell intact. It has a recent overhaul from a saxophone shop in California, and it comes in a custom-made contoured hard-shell case (something you don’t see everyday)!

This horn plays REALLY well with a big, centered tone that is not the least bit stuffy or “duck-like” (saxophone players say nasty things about the C Mel’s, even though few people have played one). If you play this with a Morgan C Melody mouthpiece, it is really fun to play – great intonation, easy response, big flexible tone that can lean towards classical or jazz, amazingly. You will not see another one of these come up for sale anytime soon. Series IV C Melodies are at least 10x rarer than mint 5-digit Mark VI’s, so if you are thinking about getting into C saxophone playing, this would be a very good horn to get. Ships in the original case and/or I can recommend a modern case option as well. Maybe it’s time to get a C Melody and stop transposing 

  • Buescher True Tone C Melody Saxophone Buescher True Tone C Melody Saxophone
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