Horn Details Seller's Blurb
Make King Price/Date $4000 / 2016
Model Super 20 Finish Lacquer
Pitch Eb Alto Keyed Range Low Bb to altissimo F
Serial 305266 Bell Keys Right
Year 1950 Tone Holes Brazed; Straight
Source Link GetASax.com Octave Key Underslung


For sale as of May 15, 2016! Go buy it!

This is a beautiful, original lacquer King Super 20 Alto Saxophone from 1950. It has pearl side keys and G# like Cannonball Adderley’s Super 20, and Charlie Parker’s Super 20. It has that tone too – warm, projecting, jazzy. It’s pretty hard to beat.

This horn is in excellent condition. Cosmetically, it has almost all of its original lacquer intact, and it has no dents, no dings, no past repairs. The original, solid silver neck has the matching serial number. The original case is even in excellent condition. The engraving is beautiful, including on the bell keys. Pads are medium way through their usable life, and have domed plastic resonators. It plays well, so no need to do a full overhaul at this point I think.

This is a beautiful, clean, original example of one of the best alto saxophones ever made. These horns are 10x as hard to find as a Mark VI, and they are more fun to play. Get this one before it’s gone!

  • KingAlto305xxx-06 KingAlto305xxx-06
  • KingS20Alto305266-1 KingS20Alto305266-1
  • KingS20Alto305266-10 KingS20Alto305266-10
  • KingS20Alto305266-11 KingS20Alto305266-11
  • KingS20Alto305266-12 KingS20Alto305266-12
  • KingS20Alto305266-13 KingS20Alto305266-13
  • KingS20Alto305266-14 KingS20Alto305266-14
  • KingS20Alto305266-15 KingS20Alto305266-15
  • KingS20Alto305266-16 KingS20Alto305266-16
  • KingS20Alto305266-17 KingS20Alto305266-17
  • KingS20Alto305266-18 KingS20Alto305266-18
  • KingS20Alto305266-19 KingS20Alto305266-19
  • KingS20Alto305266-2 KingS20Alto305266-2
  • KingS20Alto305266-20 KingS20Alto305266-20

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