There is quite a bit of confusion about these Vito saxophones. Some people claim that they were made in Kenosha from Leblanc parts. Others say only some parts came Leblanc, while the body tube was Vito-made. Yet there is a fellow on SOTW who traced the family heirloom saxophone back to the original store where it was bought in the late 1960s. The store allowed him to read the spec/tech manual, and it states that these Vito horns were made in France. See what I mean about confusing?

Furthermore, there are those who claim that the Vito had a 135 model number. The brochure included in this gallery would however, indicate otherwise, and that these horns did indeed have the same model numbers as the Leblanc cousins.

  • Model 135 - Johnny Hodges Model 135 - Johnny Hodges
  • Model 35 Model 35
  • Model 35S Model 35S
  • Model 38 Model 38
  • Model 39 - Duke Model 39 - Duke
  • Special Special

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