(Pete) Here's a sortable and searchable list of over 350 A. Sax saxophones, with links to pictures, some videos, and other data.

If you come across a broken link, use the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive.
and send me a note at pete-at-thesax.info.
Please also e-mail if you see something that's just wrong.

Currently, the serial number list I'm using in this gallery is this one. There's more detailed and probably more accurate listat http://homepages.ed.ac.uk/am/gdsl.html (archived HERE).
This is the one I mainly use for the chart of 350+.

I've diverged from both charts on a few occasions. For an example, if I have a horn with serial number 12345 made in 1991, then I see a serial number 12346 that my sources say is made in 1952, there's something wrong with the source material.
Additionally, when the Eugenia Mitroulia and Arnold Myers list said "Location Unknown," I didn't include it in my chart. Some of those "Location Unknown" horns have been missing for over 100 years.

The list does need some more polish and I can probably find some more of these horns, but I want to take a break from this project for a while.

LAST UPDATED: June 8, 2019


Click here for a video of the 40787 C Tenor on YouTube.

  • C Tenor 39689 (1876) C Tenor 39689 (1876)
  • Eb Alto 10665 (1854) Eb Alto 10665 (1854)
  • Eb Alto 14313 (1855) Eb Alto 14313 (1855)
  • Eb Alto 20577 (1860) Eb Alto 20577 (1860)
  • Eb Alto 23307 (1861) Eb Alto 23307 (1861)
  • Eb Alto 233xx (1861) Eb Alto 233xx (1861)