Horn Details Seller's Blurb
Make Conn Price/Date $2650 / 2016
Model New Wonder Transitional Finish Silver Plate
Pitch Eb Alto Keyed Range Low Bb to altissimo F
Serial 246335 Bell Keys Left
Year 1931 Tone Holes Drawn; rolled
Source Link GetASax.com Octave Key Underslung


For sale as of May 15, 2016! Go buy it!

This is a beautiful example of a Conn Transitional alto saxophone. The transitional Conn saxophones came in a variety of flavors, between around 234xxx-275xxx, and “transitioned” between Conn’s earlier New Wonder II models to their Artist models. See here for more information. This particular horn is one of the most desirable versions of a transitional alto, with the coveted geometrical art deco engraving pattern only seen on a subset of transitional horns, and left side bell keys (and with a smooth, squared-off G# key at this serial range by the way).

It is original silver plate which looks incredible and is basically all there. Neck is original and looks great. It has not been dented or pulled down. The neck octave key saddle popped off and has been carefully resoldered, leaving very little trace.

This horn has no past or current dents, no other resolders, body is straight, keywork is mechanically tight. It has spent its life waiting to be played. Now it finally gets its big day. This horn has just had a full mechanical overhaul done by Aaron Barnard, who is a great saxophone tech specializing in vintage professional saxophone restorations. This horn has had the full deal – totally cleaned, hand polished, all rods fit, all pads, corks and felts replaced so that everything is mechanically as good as new. Aaron’s work is not cheap, but this horn deserves it! You should be good on this overhaul for 10-15 years depending on how much you play. The pads feel great under the fingers and the body tube vibrates in your hands with its own resonance. This is just how the best vintage Conn saxophones should play.

This is a turn-key purchase for a beautiful and super-clean vintage alto sax.

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