Horn Details Seller's Blurb
Make Conn Price/Date $2850 / 2016
Model Wonder Improved Finish Silver; Gold Plated Keywork
Pitch Curved Bb Soprano Keyed Range Low Bb to altissimo F
Serial 31368 Bell Keys Split
Year 1914 Tone Holes Soldered; straight
Source Link GetASax.com Octave Key Over


For sale as of May 29, 2016! Go buy it!

This is a beautiful early Conn curved soprano, SN#31368. It has a very big, warm tone and can very easily fill a room, and it is keyed to high F. It is a combination of beauty, rarity, and tone that should make someone really happy! The silver with gold keys finish is rare and one of the most beautiful finishes that Conn offered. The palm keys on this soprano are actually more comfortable than those on other vintage curved sopranos. This horn was overhauled a few years ago by an excellent saxophone repairman and player and plays very well. It includes a nice case to protect the horn. This horn has the removable neck, so it fits in a very small space if you need it to.

You can see that it has had some key guards resoldered, where those popped off, and it has had some minor dents removed, but it’s not bad and everything is fixed. I should also mention that if you have not played a curved soprano before, it is cool because you can hear yourself really well!

Somebody is going to get a very cool curved Conn soprano here. These don’t come up for sale very often. Get it now, before it’s gone!

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