Horn Details Seller's Blurb
Make Conn Price/Date $999 / 2016
Model Standard Finish Silver; gold plated keywork
Pitch 10M Bb Tenor Keyed Range Low Bb to altissimo F
Serial 792707 Bell Keys Left
Year 1959 Tone Holes Drawn; straight
Source Link GetASax.com Octave Key Over


For sale as of May 29, 2016! Go buy it!

This is a striking later Conn 10M tenor with silver plated body and gold plate keys. It is priced low because it’s a late serial, and to be a good deal for someone looking for a good tenor for a low price. This has a recent repad, and I’m not sure who did it. It plays fine. It doesn’t have the magic of an early Conn, but hey, it’s a small fraction of the price, and it plays better than many modern horns that cost way more. Quality wise, even a later Conn is easily as good as many “professional” horns sold today. It was made in USA and isn’t a ‘mexi-Conn.'

This also includes a nice SKB case for easy carrying. For the price, it’s pretty hard to beat, and the amazing silver and gold look is definitely going to turn heads and look great on stage. I’m guessing this is a refinish that somebody did to make this horn really pop. They succeeded. Tonally, this horn is nice and loud, so if you need to cut through, or you’re looking for a backup tenor for gigging, or you want to get into a cool tenor on a budget, well, get this.

  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-10 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-10
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-11 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-11
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-12 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-12
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-13 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-13
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-14 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-14
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-15 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-15
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-16 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-16
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-17 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-17
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-18 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-18
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-19 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-19
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-2 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-2
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-20 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-20
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-21 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-21
  • Conn10MTenorSilver792707-22 Conn10MTenorSilver792707-22