Horn Details Seller's Blurb
Make Conn Price/Date $6000 / 2016
Model 30M Connqueror Finish Gold Plate
Pitch Bb Tenor Keyed Range Low Bb to altissimo F
Serial   Bell Keys Left
Year 1940s Tone Holes Drawn; rolled
Source Link GetASax.com Octave Key Over


For sale as of May 29, 2016! Go buy it!

From the estate of NYC Jazz tenor player, Al Epstein, this horn was played with many of the greats. Epstein was a go-to tenor sideman, and played this horn with Benny Goodman, Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Clark Terry, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Ventura, and many others over the course of his long career.

Originally lacquered, Epstein had this horn gold plated and re-engraved with his name on the bell, together with engraving on every key cup, and every bit of open space on the horn. Clearly, this was a Conn 30M meant to turn heads! It looks gorgeous – one of the most elaborate saxophones that I have seen. The original markings were buffed off the horn to make room for the custom job, so this horn has been buffed, before having silver and gold plate put back on. It has also been played a lot, as you might expect, and there’s a patch added by the bow guard and thumb hook that are also gold-plated. I’m selling it as-is, and you could play it on the current pads, or you could get it overhauled. It does have all its bits and bobs that you would expect with a Conn 30M, and the original neck looks good as well. Just the gold plating represents around $3500 of added value, plus the special engraving.

If you’re looking for a serious rarity (who has ever heard of a gold 30M?), or to play something that was artist-owned and is a piece of American jazz history, then this is the horn for you. It includes a Hiscox case as well.

This horn came back to Get-A-Sax in late 2018. It's now listed as needing an overhaul and the price has been dropped to $4750.

  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-1 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-1
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-10 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-10
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-10 2 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-10 2
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-11 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-11
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-12 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-12
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-13 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-13
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-14 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-14
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-15 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-15
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-16 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-16
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-17 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-17
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-18 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-18
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-19 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-19
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-2 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-2
  • Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-20 Conn-Gold-30M-Fully-Engraved-20