Eb Baritone
Manufacturer: Max Keilwerth
Model/Stencil Name: New Brunswick International
Serial #: 3673
Finish: Silver plated
Source: bluespeter1 on eBay.de

Note: Listed on seller's website for EUR. 2800.00

Although it didn't appear to sell previously through eBay, this vintage sax dealer must have bought it; restored it; and put it up for sale again.

This bari is unusual in a number of regards: 1. It doesn't have the Pure Tone Trade Mark stamp that we associate with MK's horns. 2. It is the first, and to date only, MK baritone that I have seen. 3. It has bevelled tone holes.

Despite not having Max Keilwerth's telltale bell logo stamped on the back by the serial #, there are enough similarities between this bari and known MK horns to positively ID this vintage beauty.

  • Bell Engraving Bell Engraving
  • Bevelled Tone Holes Bevelled Tone Holes
  • Front View Lower Portion Front View Lower Portion
  • Key Guard Key Guard
  • Left Pinkie Cluster Left Pinkie Cluster
  • Looking through the pigtail Looking through the pigtail
  • Lower Stack Lower Stack
  • pigtail pigtail
  • Right Hand Keys & Bell to Body Support Brace Right Hand Keys & Bell to Body Support Brace