May 1, 2022

Helen: I am undertaking a major updating of the JK section of this gallery. This is something I have avoided since Pete's & my galleries merged together a few years ago. 

So until this is completed, please excuse the rather jumbled nature of images and sub-galleries contained within this Keilwerth section. Once done there will be hundreds of new images belonging to many, many more models and stencil names previously not illustrated. And yes, along the way I am going to be re-organzing this as well to make stuff just a bit easier to find. 


  • Horns Pre-1990s Horns Pre-1990s
  • Horns 1990s-Present Horns 1990s-Present
  • Vintage Print Materials Vintage Print Materials
  • Odds 'n Ends Odds 'n Ends
  • Schenkelaars - Holland Stencils Schenkelaars - Holland Stencils

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