(Helen) I greatly appreciated Pete's help in getting all the images from my old gallery moved to this new one. 

Now that I am doing some general site maintenance, I am updating the organization of the galleries that my Bassic Sax has extensive information on. Hammerschmidt is one of these galleries.

Note that with only 1 or 2 exceptions Hammerschmidt-made horns are called "Klingsor", whle stencils made for Hammerschmidt by other companies are nearly always called "Klingson". 

  • Klingsor Klingsor
  • Stencil Horns Stencil Horns
  • Wire Key Guards Wire Key Guards
  • Klingson Klingson
  • Misc Misc
  • Metal Tárogatók (tárogatós/tarogatos) Metal Tárogatók (tárogatós/tarogatos)