(Pete) So, a horn that makes life difficult for everyone. Allow me to explain:

* The engraving is most commonly found on FX Huller horns. One of the sellers of these asserts that.
* There is no serial number on any Triumf. The seller mentioned that this horn could have been a "private batch."
I've seen a few of these -- and yes, even without serial numbers, I can tell them apart :) -- so I don't think this is quite correct.
I am aware that a lot of German/Czech manufacturers did do small orders out of their houses, though.
* The low Eb and C keys look very Keilwerth-like. Max or Julius; you pick.
* The G#/C#/B/Bb cluster is not the same as on any FX Huller, Oscar Adler, Keilwerth, or GH Huller I've seen.
* I mentioned Oscar Adler. Adler had a model called "Triumph." The Keilwerth brothers worked with Adler.
* Max Keilwerth worked with FX Huller.

So, you have an awful lot of options to choose from. My personal opinion is that the Triumf was built for Adler under one of the Keilwerth brothers.
The engraving isn't enough to convince me of FX Huller. If I fid a horn labeled "FX Huller" that has the same G# cluster, I'll definitely be convinced, though :D.

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