Horn Details Seller's Blurb
Make Selmer Price/Date $2250 / 2016
Model Modele 22 Series Finish Silver
Pitch Eb Baritone (low Bb) Keyed Range Low Bb to altissimo F
Serial 3647 Bell Keys Left
Year 1925 Tone Holes Drawn; straight
Source Link GetASax.com Octave Key  


For sale as of May 29, 2016! Go buy it!

This is a rare Selmer Modele 22 baritone. These horns are usually only keyed to high Eb, but this one goes all the way to high F. It also has a cool Selmer logo on the bell that is unusual, along with non-standard engraving around the logo. This was probably a special order or was sold later and got extra features compared to a normal Modele 22.

It has its original silver plate in very nice shape. It has NO pads, and needs an overhaul. The area around the low Eb had a dent removed, and it will need a replacement low Eb key guard (which is easy to fabricate to match), and the neck receiver also has a little split that will need to be silver soldered (they always have this).

Anyway, if you have been looking for a beautiful, collectible early Selmer baritone, that is also low-priced and will be gorgeous after an overhaul, this is it! It even has what looks like the original case included.

  • Selmer Modele 22 Eb Baritone GetASax Sax Saxophone Bari Selmer Modele 22 Eb Baritone GetASax Sax Saxophone Bari
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