From Kessler Music :

For the first time in the history of instrument making, Selmer Paris is inviting musicians to follow in the footsteps of a Reference collection. “Tribute to Bird” is a celebration: that of the 50th anniversary of the death of the legendary Charlie Parker (1920-1955) and a tribute to the initiatory approach with which he inspired the world of Jazz.

For five years, this unique collection, signed Selmer Paris, will be formed, with every annual edition offering in a variety of forms a specific engraving, an original work by an artisan-engraver, and an original design, a poetic look at the culture of a continent.

These models are only manufactured during a 12 month period and then will never be made again.

Dragon Bird - Asia - 2011-2
Dragon Bird - Asia - 2011-2

Blurb from Selmer France:

Emotion was there every time the Bird perched on Charlie’s shoulder. Then a soft breathing was heard, a sound coloured with mattness, as if the pigment of Charlie’s complexion had blended into the buoyant whistling of the Bird. One day, however, Charlie and the Bird melted into one, body and soul, one and only.

For the first time in the history of the world of instrument making, the Henri SELMER Paris company proposed to saxophone players a collection in tribute to the free spirit of Charlie “Bird” Parker, tinged with broadened views in music and creative energy. Launched in 2005, 50 years after the death of the mythical Charlie Parker (1920-1955), the tribute to Bird collection celebrates Charlie “Bird” Parker’s life in tribute to the initiatory approach he inspired in the world of Jazz. To pay this tribute, five editions signed Selmer Paris and symbolized by a Bird proposed a poetical image of a continent and its culture through a specific engraving and an original design, crafted in the Selmer Paris workshops. A case and customized accessories have also given a touch of class to this elegant whole.

After the hummingbird of Edition I-Hummingbird/America (2005), the kookaburra of Edition II-Kookaburra/Australia (2006), the pink flamingo of Edition III-Flamingo/Africa (2007), the firebird of Edition IV-Firebird/Europe (2008-2010), the tribute to Bird finally folds its wings with the Dragon Bird/Asia (2011-2012) symbolizing the Asian continent for the fifth and last edition end.

Models and pricing info from Kessler Music:

- Super 80 Serie III Eb Alto: retail for $10,330. Sell for $6639.
- Reference 54 Collector's Edition Eb Alto: retail for $12,550. Sell for $7999.
- Super 80 Serie III Bb Tenor: retail for $12,020. Sell for $7719.
- Reference 54 Collector's Edition Bb Tenor: retail for $14,165. Sell for $9099.
- Super 80 Serie III Bb Soprano: retail for $11,600. Sell for $7449.

An original sales flyer (PDF).

Firebird - Phoenix - Europe - 2008-9
Firebird - Phoenix - Europe - 2008-9

Official introduction from Selmer:

Conn-Selmer is proud to announce that the fourth installment in the “Tribute to Bird”-Firebird series of saxophones, will be available to order on March 2, 2009. These saxophones are built on legendary design platforms and possess the unparalleled functionality of all Selmer Paris built instruments.

The Firebird/Europe Reference Alto 54 Alto Collector models will be produced in a dark gold lacquer, with or without high F-sharp. The Reference 54 Tenor Collector model will be produced in a honey gold lacquer without F-sharp. Each model will have an original “Firebird” engraving by the Selmer Paris artisan engravers. Each instrument comes with a Selmer Paris ligature, Collector’s “bird” formed case that is leather-like and a silk embroidered pouch with an imaginary tree pattern.

The Firebird/Europe Super Action 80, Series II and Series III Limited models will be available with a honey gold lacquer finish, a black leather-like Pro-Light backpack case, and will be engraved with a “Firebird” design separate of the Collector models.

“I am ecstatic about the release of the fourth installment of the Tribute to Bird Series from Selmer Paris”, says Denny Craig, Director of Marketing, Saxophones. “In my opinion, the Firebird series represents exquisite artistry and timeless design in each of its models. The Reference 54 alto and tenor are the standard by which all other saxophones are measured and the Collector versions of each take that standard to a much higher level. Also, the addition of the Series II and Series III platforms to the Limited models presents a truly unique offering. The use of honey gold lacquer on the Series II and III altos has never been done before-they are truly limited edition models.”

Model reference blurb from Kessler Music:

- Standard Serie II Alto Sax, Honey Gold Lacquer, Black Pearls. $4799.
- Standard Serie III Alto Sax, Honey Gold Lacquer, Black Pearls. $5499.
- Limited Ref 54 Alto Sax with F#, Dark Lacquer, black pearls, high F#. Only 250 total ltd altos for the WORLD.
- Limited Ref 54 Alto Sax without F#, Dark Lacquer, black pearls, no F#. Only 250 total ltd altos for the WORLD.
- Limited Reference 54 Tenor Sax without F#, Honey Gold Lacquer, black pearls, no high F#. Only 150 ltd tenors for the WORLD.

* An original sales flyer (PDF).
* An English and French original sales flyer (PDF).
* A Japanese original sales flyer (PDF).
(All these flyers are slightly different)
Flamingo - Africa - 2007
Flamingo - Africa - 2007

Blurb from Kessler Music:

The third of the the tribute series. It is available in 2 alto sax models and 1 tenor sax model. Unique this year, though, is that all of the "Flamingo" models will be Reference saxes that do NOT have a high F#! Why make them without a High F# you ask? One, to be more traditional to the Selmers of old. Also, there is a common thought among professionals the the tone hole chimney for the high F# actually makes the altissimo of a sax more difficult. Without the tone hole there, upper register response and altissimo response is improved... in theory.

The Limited horns also will have black pearls for a very unique look.

Update: The Standard Flamingo model altos (72FL-STD) are coming in the Dark Lacquer just like the Limited and the regular Reference alto. In the previous 2 series, the Standard Alto used a lighter color "Honey Gold" Lacquer.

Production will be more limited on these models than previous models. First shipments started in Late July 2007.


- Standard Alto Sax - Dark Lacquer, regular pearls, no high F# - Only 110 Made for USA! $4199.
- Limited Alto Sax - Dark Lacquer, black pearls, no high F# - Only 30 Made for USA!
- Limited Reference 36 Tenor Sax - Honey Gold Lacquer, black pearls, no high F# - Only 40 Made for USA! $6450.

An original sales flyer (PDF).

Some nice comparison shots of a Mark VI & a Reference 54 Flamingo alto.

Hummingbird - North-America - 2005
Hummingbird - North-America - 2005

An original sales catalog (PDF).

According to Kessler Music, there were two models made: 72HB-STD (standard), of which there were 300 produced for the USA, and 72HB-LTD (limited, with darker lacquer), of which there were 70 produced for the USA. (This flyer from Selmer shows the difference in lacquer colors nicely.)

These are just reworked Reference 54 altos with some extras:

* Custom "Bird" engraving on body and neck
* The neck has a red background for the "S," rather than the traditional blue background
* A specific "Bird" ligature
* A "Bird" case, which is a form-fitting hard case with an imitation leather exterior
* A silk embroidered pouch for the sax's accessories

I've seen these selling for $5200 to $5700, recently. Note that I didn't say "sold for."

Kookaburra - Australia - 2006
Kookaburra - Australia - 2006

Blurb from Kessler Music:

The second of the the tribute series. It was available in 2 alto sax models and 1 tenor sax model.

The "Limited Collector's" Alto model had only 90 made for the entire USA. The "Standard" model was only made for the 12 month period and it is estimated that around 330 were made for the USA.

The "Limited Collector's" Tenor model is a Reference 54 tenor and had only 50 made for the entire USA (we sold 10% of them). There was no "Standard" Tenor model made.

Blurb from regarding what the Kookaburra comes with:

* Hand engraved Kookaburra pattern on the bell
* Polished Brass, Rose-Gold Lacquered
* Special Kookaburra limited Black leather look version of the Selmer Paris Light case (not available separately)
* Super Session "E" mouthpiece
* Selmer (Paris) 5-year guarantee
* Selmer Kookaburra neck strap (not available separately)
* Selmer Kookaburra instrument body swab and polishing cloth (not available separately)
* Selmer cork grease
* A silk embroidered pouch for the sax's accessories

From my limited searching, it looks like the Limited alto was appx. $6200, new.

I have some original flyer pics here.