(Pete) In 1928, Selmer purchased the Adolphe Sax plant. The first bit of these horns were made with Adolphe Sax parts and look like a horn from Adolphe Edouard Sax. The remainder of the horns looked like a Selmer Super Series horn -- I'm fairly sure that I have a pic of one with the "Cigar Cutter" octave mechanism.

These horns are currently valued as much as a Selmer Super Series horn, too, but they were initially sold at a lower price than a "true" Selmer Super Series horn.

A lot of these horns have two serial numbers. One is generally a low number and might be the Xth horn from the Adolphe Sax plant after the Selmer buyout. The other is generally a higher number and probably correlates to the Selmer pro-model saxophone serial number charts.

  • Selmer Gen 1 Selmer Gen 1
  • Selmer Gen 2 Selmer Gen 2
  • Selmer Gen 3 Selmer Gen 3

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