(Helen) After Germany's reunification in 1989, B&S transitioned from a State-owned company to a private enterprise.
Their name became Vogtländische Musikinstrumentenfabrik GmbH.
They introduced 3 new model lines that were totally redesigned.
These were the: 1000, 2001, and Dave Guardala Series.

However, during the course of this transition saxophone production continued,
and some saxophones carried features of both the old VEB and the new GmbH.

I call the horns in this sub-gallery "transitional" because they have not only got the new (all) lacquer finish offered,
but they also have the new serial number convention: They start with 0 or 00.
Most importantly, they do not have either the Series 1000, 2001, or Dave Guardala engraving.
They still have the old style B&S engraving on the bell.

Eb Alto 01xx
Richard Keilwerth (Stencil)
Richard Keilwerth (Stencil)

I'm not really sure where to play this horn. It looks to be a very early stencil of a 1000 Series. 

I have put it under the Transitional category for the time being.