Horn Details Seller's Blurb

Make Werner Roth   Price/Date  
Model Wero Royal Finish Gold Plate
Pitch Eb Baritone Keyed Range Low A to altissimo F
Serial 2845 Bell Keys Right
Year 1960s? Tone Holes Soldered; rolled
Source Link indepot_09 @ eBay Octave Key  


Werner Roth (Wero Royal) learned how to build saxophones with Franz Kohler. In 1949 Werner Roth set up his own shop in Breitenfeld - Germany, where he produces saxophones with the model name "Royal". Werner Roth closed down his shop in 1972.  That being said, this particular horn might be a Weltklang stencil.  There are some differences, though, so let's just call this a Roth.