Accent (Stencil)
Antoine Courtois (Stencil)
Antoine Courtois (Stencil)
(Helen) According to information that I have archived from an old Kessler & Sons webpage, back in the day when they were still a B&S dealer:

"Part of the JA Musik Group, the Antoine Courtois name is mainly associated with professional brass instruments.
Courtois is the Oldest of all current operating musical instrument manufacturers.

The Courtois saxophones are actually made by B&S, another company in the JA Musik Group.
The Courtois saxophones are identical to the top model B&S Medusas.

JA Musik has decided to discontinue the Courtois name on saxophones and has offered a small quantity of these saxophones at an unbelievably low price.
These handmade German horns at this price are by far the best value that you will find on today's market... "
Chicago Jazz
Dave Guardala
Dave Guardala

(Pete) There are four models of Guardala: Artist, Pro Custom, New York Series, and Earth Tone.
That's also in order of greatness: the Earth Tone Series is the top model.
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