Make: B&S
Model: Dave Guardala - New York (DG500)
Finish: Silver Plate
s/n: 00382x

Original ad text:

Dave Guardala model DG500SP Silver Plate Tenor: This Uber-professional level Bb Tenor saxophone is fabricated and hand made from 72% formulated Copper alloy yellow brass with full rib post construction and hand hammered bell. All rods are solid nickel silver with stainless steel screws, springs are tempered blue steel and authentic Mother of Pearl key buttons are used throughout. I repadded it myself, with Saxgourmet pads and nickel plated, brass rivetless, domed resonators. All the Guardala extras come standard, like hand engraving on the bell (not laser engraved like the later made Guardala's), high F#, plus extensive fine tuning key adjustment screws at all critical points. This horn has triple silver plating finish with meticulous fancy hand engraving on the bell. Upper and lower key stacks are ergonomically designed for smooth, accurate and positive digital feel.

The serial number is below 4000 ( 00382x, Made in Germany). This sax was manufactured long before Dave Guardala's association with LA Sax started (that is, the "LA SAX" Laser engraved saxes bearing his name, after B&S folded), and LA Saxes compromises in the quality of the product began appearing. Don't be tricked, the DG500's are the real thing, serial numbers will differentiate the B&S models from the LA sax ones. The mouthpiece (in the pics) is sarge's and is not for sale or included. Silver models are estimated to be 20% higher in resale value than lacquered brass.

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