IW 601 & 661 Series

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Since founding International Woodwind in 2000, Laksar Reese has ensured that the saxophones the company produces are constantly undergoing improvements and upgrades. This happens in part through his combined experience as both a player and a tech. Another piece to this improvement and upgrade process is consumer feedback.

The saxophones that International Woodwind produces are designed in the United States, and are manufactured in Taiwan and China. The company also receives input from Germany and Japan on the technical specifications and the development of its instruments. The company prides itself on the fact that all of its instruments play easily, have a strong response and even intonation.

The 601 & 661 series are the pro lines that International Woodwind produces. These lines includes the well-known IW 661 sopranino, which is keyed to high F#, as well as the custom, highly engraved, IW 601 Pro Alto & Tenor models.

International Woodwind sells their saxophones through an authorized dealer network, and directly to those who don’t have a dealer near them. When a customer buys a new International Woodwind saxophone, they have a 3 day trial period to insure that they are truly satisfied with their instrument.

International Woodwind has always recommended that you purchase their instruments directly from an authorized dealer, and due to recent online frauds, this is even more important than ever before. If you have any doubts about whoever you are thinking of buying your new, International Woodwind saxophone from, it is in your best interests to contact IW to make sure that they are indeed an authorized dealer. (And no, you really can’t buy an IW 661 bass for under $2,000, or whatever other amount these clowns are trying to scam out of you for a fictitious horn.)

IW 661 Sopranino

sopranino saxophone, International Woodwinds,

Source: International Woodwind  Used With Permission

 IW 601 Straight & Curved Sopranos

 Source: International Woodwind  Used With Permission

 IW 601 Alto in Dark Lacquer

 Source: International Woodwind  Used With Permission

 IW 601 Tenor with Gold Plate

 Source: International Woodwind  Used With Permission

IW 601 Low A Baritone with Black Nickel Plating and Gold Plated Keys

baritone saxophone, low A bari, International Woodwind

Source: International Woodwind  Used With Permission

IW 661 Bass Saxophone

bass saxophone, International Woodwind,

Source: International Woodwind  Used With Permission

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