G.H. Hüller Gallery

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Because the of the size of the various vintage saxophone galleries on my site—and the lack of their searchability—I have created a separate area of my site called Bassic Sax Pix. Bassic Sax Pix allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. I have therefore stopped updating the G.H. Hüller gallery here, and have copied all of the information already contained in this gallery over to the G.H. Hüller gallery at Bassic Sax Pix.

New G.H. Hüller images continue to be added regularly to the gallery at Bassic Sax Pix. If you are looking for photos of G.H. Hüller horns, I recommend you jump to the bigger, and more searchable galleries.


These first 2 altos have the extra D resonance key like the Holton’s Rudy Wiedoeft models had. This resonance key was coupled together with the low C key, and was designed primarily to help reduce the stuffiness of D2. These horns also have rolled tone holes, a fork Eb, a G# trill key and a high D# triller. Also note the shape of the key guards. They are the same eyebrow style that would appear on the Hohner President and King Voll-True II and Zephyrs decades later. Take a look too at the unusual shape of the bis Bb key with its roller.

G.H. Hüller Alto

Serial #: 363XX
Finish: Silver plated

 Source: Andrew Cougill

G.H. Hüller Alto

Serial #: 4699
Finish: Silver plated

 Source: woodwinds-and-brass.de

G.H. Hüller Tenor

Serial #: 29354
Finish: Silver plated

This sax has rolled tone holes, a G# trill key, forked Eb key, a micro-tuner on the neck, and high D# trill key.

 Source: junkdude.com

G.H. Hüller Baritone

Serial #: Unknown
Finish: Silver plated with gold plating inside the bell

 Source: eBay.at

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