Toneking 3000

saxophone shaped trumpet made by julius keilwerth model toneking 3000

 Source: quinntheeskimo Vintage Horns on

In the 1980s, the Julius Keilwerth company made a short foray into the saxophone-shaped trumpet world. This was by no means a new idea. According to the website, The Jazzophone and other sax shaped or double-belled trumpets, saxophone-shaped trumpets were invented in the 1920s, as an alternative to the then very popular saxophone.

Why Gerhard Keilwerth—Julius Keilwerth’s grandson—decided to design this instrument is a bit of a mystery. He has stated that there were no more than 100 of these Toneking 3000 trumpets built. The Julius Keilwerth company sold these horns between 1982 and 1986.

 Source: quinntheeskimo Vintage Horns on

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