Black Plastic Toy Sax

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This little black plastic toy sax was originally advertised by the seller as follows:

A Vintage Halloween Saxophone Candy Container Noisemaker Decoration Toy made of hard plastic. Toy measures approximately 9 inches long. Noise maker works. No breaks or cracks. Made by E. Rosen Rosbro in the USA in the 1950s.

I did some research about the E. Rosen Rosbro company and found absolutely nothing that would indicate that this black plastic toy sax was made by that company. In my research I happened across this informative page that explains what to look for in reproduction pieces. Perhaps the most interesting bit of information on that particular Rosbro page is that many, but not all, of the company’s plastic pieces were available in two versions: one on wheels and the other off.

I don’t know if the mention of the Rosbro name drove up desirability of this particular black plastic toy sax, but it did sell. It fetched $20.05 in October 2014.

Source: pulpsrus on

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