Micro Jammer Sax

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Source: reelbeer on eBay.com

This isn’t the first Micro Jammer sax that I’ve seen on eBay, but it is the one that is in the best condition. Quite honestly, I don’t know anything about these little, toy electronic instruments. I never saw them in stores when they were first for sale, and when I tried to do some research about them prior to writing this page, I came up with nothing concrete.

Other than stating the painfully obvious—what it says on the back of the toy itself—I really can’t offer up much. This Micro Jammer sax was made by the Cap Company Inc., and has a copyright of 1995. Through my research I did discover that this sax was one of a series of musical instruments that the Cap Company produced under the Micro Jammer name. Other instruments included: a trumpet, various styles of electric guitars, a banjo and drums.

This Micro Jammer sax was apparently in working condition.

Source: reelbeer on eBay.com

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