The Mysterious World of Maurice Boiste Saxophones
The Mysterious World of Maurice Boiste Saxophones

The Mysterious World of Maurice Boiste Saxophones

alto sax, Maurice Boiste, vintage French saxophone,
Paul Beuscher alto, serial # 7125 Source: hostistyle on

About two or so years ago, I got an email about what turned out to be a stencil of a Maurice Boiste saxophone. That silver plated, Paul Beuscher alto was a very pretty horn, and at the time was a new one for me. My research at the time was only able to turn up some references to an old page on Saxpics, and according to it, it appeared that the alto was a Pierret stencil.

What a difference a couple of years make. As the Internet has evolved, and as more pages are indexed by both English and foreign language search engines, I am now able to write with 100% certainty that the Paul Beuscher stencil alto was built by Maurice Boiste in his shop near Paris, France.

Who was Maurice Boiste? What kind of saxophones did he build? Sadly, there is very little definitive information available in any language on the ‘Net, and Uwe Ladwig’s history of the saxophone, SAXOFONE – Ein Kompendium, doesn’t mention the brand either.

Thanks to an email I got from my SOTW friend, JayePDX, I finally got around to compiling all the loose bits of research I did have on Maurice Boiste, and conduct some more searches to see what else I could turn up. The result? The new Maurice Boiste page on Bassic Sax.

alto sax, Maurice Boiste, vintage French saxophone, fancy clothes guard,
Paul Beuscher alto, serial # 7125 Source: hostistyle on

I’ve managed to find some very interesting bits and pieces of information (mostly in French), about Maurice Boiste, and the saxophones he made. What’s more interesting though, are the saxophones themselves. Although at this point I only have a small sample size, from these 4 horns we can see the evolution that the horns underwent.

The iconic clothes guard was not a feature on all Maurice Boiste horns, but at this time it’s too early to say why. Were the models that didn’t have this funky guard just a plainer model? Or did they come earlier in the development of the brand, and the iconic guard come along at a later date?

The left pinkie cluster is another feature on Maurice Boiste’s horns that showed quite a bit of variance over time, as did the shape of the right pinkie keys. (The two tone horn is alto # 9267, and is likely newer than the Paul Beuscher # 7125 shown above).

If you are interested in this small, French horn manufacturer, check out the Maurice Boiste page on Bassic Sax. If you would like to see all the photos I have of his horns, check out the Maurice Boiste gallery in Bassic Sax Pix.

Lastly, if you have any information about the brand, or a Maurice Boiste saxophone that you would like to contribute to the gallery, please drop me an email. Thank you.

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  1. mathias

    bonjour, je fait acheté un sax alto sur une brocante cet été, c’est un MAURICE BOISTE argenté, gravé,le corps est brossé et les clefs polies. il y a “série artiste” de graver sur le pavillon et son numéro de série est le H 5047. l’instrument est complet, bec et couvre bec gravé, étui d”origine, et il est en parfait état de fonctionnement. je peux vous faire parvenir quelques photos, et pour ma part je serais curieux de connaitre la valeur de ce saxophone. cordialement.

    1. Hello Matias.

      Welcome to my site. Congratulations on your saxophone. It sounds like you were very lucky to find it.

      I would very much appreciate some photos. You can send them to my gmail account.

      Once I have the photos, and can see the condition of your saxophone, I will be better able to help you determine its value.

      Warm regards,


    1. Unfortunately I don’t own one 🙁

      I am hoping that someone, someday, will write a really good review of these Maurice Boiste saxophones. I would love to know what they sound like, and what their ergos are like. Until then, I’ll just have stare at pretty pics and just drool on the keyboard, and wonder if I should try and find one. (I must admit, some German horns are on my wish list before a Boiste.)

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