“Corps Embouti”

“Corps Embouti” Alto

Serial #: 1940

Finish: Nickel plated

Source: eBay.com

“Corps Embouti” Alto

Serial #: ?

Finish: Silver Plated

This sax carries the name Johann, which is the name of the store front that ordered the horn. Johann Michl & Sohn Graslitz Sudetenland, is engraved on the bell of this Pierret, and is the full name of the store.

Sudetenland was the name used for the western regions of Czechoslovakia during the first half of the 20th century. Sudetenland was inhabited mostly by ethnic Germans. Graslitz was located in Sudetenland.

Like the C. Jeuffroy saxophones, this Johann is not a stencil horn, since the Pierret name appears on the sax.

Source: eBay.com

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