bass saxophone, Buescher, vintage, silver plated
If you’re looking for the bassic-sax blog, you’ve come to right place. Well almost the right place. It was all around easier to to keep the blog where it was, than to move it to another location. So while I realize it’s a bit hinky, here’s the direct link to the blog’s home page.

I get a lot of questions from people who ask me what the difference between a website and a blog is. That’s actually a very good question. A very simple answer would be to think of a blog as a magazine with articles in it. You never know what order the articles will appear in, or what topic they will be about.

A website on the other hand, tends to be more static. When new pages are added to a website, they fit into clearly defined areas that can be followed through the site’s navigation system—in this case either through the navigation bar at the top of the page, or with the “breadcrumbs” just above that navigation bar.

Perhaps the single most defining feature of a blog is the fact that articles, or “posts” in blog language, are dated and appear in the blog in reverse chronological order. Web pages appear in websites not by date, but by where they are placed according to their topic.

Having said all this, over the last little while there as been a real blur between blogs and websites. In the case of Bassic-sax however, my blog is just a component of my website. I happen to write almost daily articles about all things sax-related, and place them in the bassic-sax blog.

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