bass saxophone, Buescher, vintage, silver plated
Bassic Sax Pix is a gallery that I have created to host the most interesting images from my blog, and those from this site. It also contains many more photos of horns that I have gathered over time. Think of it as a catalogue of images of some of the best—and/or the most interesting—saxophones ever built. It is a searchable resource which allows you to find the images you are looking for quickly and easily.

Bassic Sax Pix uses 4images gallery software, which allows you to upload photos if you so choose. You can also download the images that you find there.

At this stage I have focused primarily on the more obscure brands and models. Over time as the site grows, my hope is that your contributions will also add some of the more common models and their variations. Also, if you’ve got rare horns, please add them too. If a brand or model category for your contribution doesn’t exist, please let me know and I will add what is needed.

And lastly, if you have any difficulties with the site, or if you would simply like to give some me some feedback, please send me an email.

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